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General Enquiries:

Company Administrator:

Emma MacNair

Creative Producer:

Emily Williams

Finance Officer:

Sarah Kingswell

Co-Artistic Directors, George Mann & Nir Paldi:

Tel.: George +44 7595674442 | Nir +44 7904573728


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Theatre Ad Infinitum funds its activities in three ways: 1. Through re-invested income from performances, for example. 2. Through funding, such as Grants for the Arts from Arts Council England, who have generously supported the company’s work to date, and 3. Through private donations and gift giving.

Donations from benefactors and the general public are invaluable gifts, and in many cases have helped make the work that we create and tour a reality, for which we are extremely grateful. So if you are interested in donating to Theatre Ad Infinitum to help fund our current and forthcoming work, your help would be greatly appreciated.

To do this please email:

Thank you.

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