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Bucket List

The Spirit of the Fringe Award, Edinburgh 2016

Award Nominations, Town Hall Cherubs

Nominated for an Off West End Award 2016 Best Production For Young People (Ages 0-7)


Best Stage Award, The Fix Magazine 2015

Award Nominations, Light

Nominated for a Manchester Theatre Award 2016 | Short-listed for a Total Theatre Award in the Physical and Visual Category 2014

Ballad of the Burning Star

The Stage Award for ‘Best Ensemble’ 2013 The Guardian’s ‘Best of the Edinburgh Fringe’ 2013 |The ‘Sixth Star’ Bobby Award from Broadway Baby 2013

Award Nominations, Ballad of the Burning Star

The Off West End Award, Winners TBA 2015 | Total Theatre Award for Innovation 2013 | Italian Impatto Totale Award 2013 | Musical Theatre Network Discretionary Award – For Innovation Within the Form 2013

Translunar Paradise

The Wijkjury First Prize Award, The Netherlands 2014 | The Argus Angel Award, Brighton Festival 2012 | Liverpool Daily Post Best Fringe Show of 2011 | The Fringe Review Outstanding Theatre Award 2011 | The Observer Iron Man Award for Kim Heron, actress and musician | Brave New World Award and Audience Award at the Sarajevo MESS Theatre Festival Bosnia & Herzegovina 2011 | Best Theatre Direction Award at ACT Festival Bilbao, Spain 2011 | 1st Prize BE Festival Development Award 2010 | Mervin Stutters Pick of the Fringe 2011

Award Nominations, Translunar Paradise

Shortlisted for: The Stage Award for Best Ensemble 2011 | Total Theatre Award for Visual/Physical Devised Theatre 2011 | Brighton Fringe Best of Edinburgh Award 2011

The Big Smoke:

Award for ‘Best International Show’ United Solo Festival New York City USA 2014 | Nominated for a Canadian Dora Award ‘Outstanding Performance by a Female in a Principle Role’ 2012 | Nominated for a Manchester Theatre Award Best Studio Performance 2011 | Argus Angel Award Winner, Brighton Festival 2011 | Nominated for The Latest 7 Best Female Performer Award 2011 | The Scotsmans Best of the Fringe 2010 | Critical acclaim: five and four star reviews across the board


The Small Scene Theatre Festival Audience Award, Rjeka, Croatia 2011 | Shortlisted for a Total Theatre Award for Innovation 2010 | The Stage Award for Best Solo Performer 2009 | Official Fringe Sell-Out Show 2009 | Mervin Stutters Pick of the Fringe 2009/10

Behind the Mirror

The Observer’s Best of the Fringe 2008 | Nominated for a Total Theatre Award 2008 | Mervin Stutters Pick of the Fringe 2008


Bucket List


★★★★ The Times – It’s a tangled web, beautifully portrayed by Bristol-based Theatre Ad Infinitum

★★★★ The Scotsman – As ever with this talented company the delivery is powerful slick and highly physical

★★★★ The Stage – The company’s use of movement, its performative rigour, and ability to conjure worlds is second to none.

★★★★★ What’s On Stage – What I love about the Edinburgh Fringe is the opportunity it offers to see something that you would never normally have come across – something that you remember and think about long after it is over. This show is one of those. I am profoundly glad to have seen it.

★★★★★ British Theatre Guide – In a spectacular show written by Nir Paldi and partly devised by the company, we follow through stylish choreography, song and well acted scenes by six women performers the story of this one child through the tragedy of Mexico being reshaped by a treaty designed to boost the prospects of American corporations.

★★★★ Theatre Guide London – ‘Theatre Ad Infinitum have built a strong reputation and anyone seeing Bucket List will understand why’

Total Theatre Magazine – Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Bucket List is a beautiful, harrowing, thought-provoking piece of work: a hard-hitting socio-political drama about Mexican (and world) corruption and contamination, delivered by an all-female international ensemble whose physical acting skills are superb. And there’s great live music too!

The Plays The Thing – Bucket List is truly vital theatre in our age of disposable, thoughtless consumerism.

★★★★ Fest Magazine – Anger pours out of this production from the first few minutes, and doesn’t let up for the next 90 … Through simple theatrical means, director and writer Nir Paldi tells a harrowing story … a chilling piece about the erosion of innocence by fury

★★★★ Arts Award Voice – Through a clever use of movement and an almost constant underlying musical score, this all-female company hit the mark scene after scene, delivering a powerful and significant story

★★★★★ Fresh Air – Theatre Ad Infinitum has managed to create a play which is not just a wonderful piece of theatre in its own right but one which sheds light upon real social issues and forces an audience of people to not just think about these issues but share in the victims’ pain. ‘Bucket List’s theatrical splendour and critical power must be experienced by all.

★★★★★ Peg Review – In True Fringe Style, Ad Infinitum Theatre Defy the Norm with Great Success.

★★★★ Three Weeks – ‘Physical theatre and live music are expertly used’

★★★★★ Fringe Biscuit 


Town Hall Cherubs


The Stage ★★★★ “Children’s theatre as an art form”  

Time Out ★★★★ “Deeply imaginative and entrancing” 



The Times ★★★★★ – “High-octane mime… a pint sized epic

Everything Theatre ★★★★★ – “To experience innovative theatre that takes the art form to new heights, see this show


The Observer – “Thrilling….the pace of the performance never letting up

Edinburgh Evening News ★★★★★ – “Marvellously imaginative

The Skinny ★★★★★ – “Intelligence, skill and dedication create something so visually powerful

The Scotsman ★★★★ – “Exceptional

The List ★★★★ – “Highly accomplished and quite spectacular

British Theatre Guide ★★★★ – “Incredibly impressive

Exeunt Magazine ★★★★ – “Hugely enjoyable… A genuine marvel

Time Out – “A jaw-dropping technical achievement… conjures exotic dystopian vistas simply via a remarkable deployment of flashlights. It looks staggering

Ballad of the Burning Star


“A theatrical hand grenade” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian FOUR STARS

“Brilliant … Breathlessly inventive” – Tom Lamont, The Observer

“Exposing, raw and emotionally loaded” – The Stage ‘MUST SEE!’

“A thrillingly edgy piece of entertainment” – The Scotsman 5 STARS

Edinburgh Guide 5 STARS | British Theatre Guide 5 STARS | Theatre Guide – London 5 STARS | The Skinny 5 STARS | Broadway Baby 5 STARS | Three Weeks 5 STARS

“This is powerful, daring theatre that will haunt you. A true original, it’s possible there’s never been anything quite like it” – A Younger Theatre 4 STARS

“A wonderful piece of theatre, the latest brightly glowing star in Theatre Ad Infinitum’s firmament” – Dorothy Max Prior, Total Theatre

“OUTSTANDING SHOW” – Fringe Review

Translunar Paradise


Observer Translunar Paradise so moved me (and plenty of others in the oft-sniffling audience) because of its uniquely devastating method, prompting thoughts about bereavement using only gesture, never cheapening its subject by attempting to describe the indescribable. By Tom Lamont. Read the full review here, its the final show in the roundup…

The Times * * * * An admirable, infinitely gentle and wordless story of loss and remembrance. By Donald Hutera. Click here to read the full review.

The Stage MUST-SEE! Show I really cannot recommend this highly enough – it is not just one of the best shows I have seen at this years fringe, but any fringe. By Alistair Smith. Click here to read the full review

The Guardian Extraordinarily poignant…beautifully performed…. packs a real emotional punch. In the end, this is a show about loss and bereavement that is as much about mourning your own lost self as about the grief at the death of a long-term partner. By Lyn Gardner. Click here to read the full review

Total Theatre Magazine A near-perfect example of contemporary wordless theatre – and proof (should anyone need it) that theatre without words can engage the head, touch the heart, and nourish the soul just as effectively as any other form. By Dorothy Max Prior. Click here to read the full review

The Scotsman * * * * * A superb tribute to the inexpressible bounty of love, this is a show that will steal your heart. By Claire Wood. Click here to read the full review

Fest Magazine * * * * * One of the most affecting love stories seen at the Fringe, this year, or any other. By Joe Spurgeon. Click here to read the full review

British Theatre Guide * * * * * A thing of perfection. By Graeme Strachan. Click here and scroll down to read the full review …

Fringe Review * * * * * Performed with exceptional grace. By George Dillon. Click here to read the full review

Edinburgh * * * * * If I see anything better this Fringe I will be extraordinarily surprised. By Kenneth Scott. Click here to read the full review

Fringe Guru * * * * * Incredibly moving. By Carmel Doohan. Click here to read the full review

What’s On Stage * * * * * A poignant portrayal of a life-long love affair. A masterclass in theatricality. By Paul Couch. Click here to read the full review

Excuent Magazine * * * * Theatre Ad Infinitums incredibly touching piece of mime theatre is an exercise in delicacy. By Natasha Tripney. Click here to read the full review

The List * * * * A moving and evocative portrayal of the pain of bereavement, highlighting how romantic truly requited love can be. By Lauren Mayberry. Click here to read the full review (which is possibly the shortist one we’ve ever received though no less lovely for it’s brevity…)

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine * * * * Utterly moving: romantic, poetic and sincerely touching. By Hillary Martha Donald. Click here to read the full review

Three Weeks * * * * Sensational performance… an incredible feat few are able to pull off. By Cheryl Moh. Click here to read the full review

The Leeds Guide It is difficult to put into words just how impressive Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Translunar Paradise is. Simply: find a way to see it. Adam Robinson. Click here to read the full review.

Cultural Shenanigans I’ve never seen anything like Translunar Paradise. Without words, the despair of loss and the soaring arc of love are perfectly portrayed. A very special piece of theatre which will stay with me for a long time. Click here to read the full review. 


The Public Reviews * * * * * Translunar Paradise is as close to perfect as a piece of theatre can get. Every moment of this 70 minute production is truly mesmerising and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Clare Boswell. Click here to read the full review

Brighton Argus For all the attempts at “total theatre” in the Fringe, this one by Theatre Ad Infinitum truly broke down the barrier between performers and audience: we were immersed, palpably spellbound, breathtaken. Catherine Meek. Click here to read the full review.

The Latest, Brighton * * * * * You’re unlikely to find a better piece of theatre in the Fringe this year. Simon Plotkin. Click here to read the full review.

Remote Goat * * * * * We perhaps live in a culture saturated with cynical attempts to draw on our emotions from fleeting television shows to saccharine Hollywood sentimentality, and yet with only a stage, a couple of actors and some props to aid them, Theatre Ad Infinitum presented an inner and real clarity of condition that will effect all who witness it. Patrick Cash. Click here to read the full review.

Oxford Daily Info Despite the sadness of the tale (bring tissues), the message from this evening was, to me, curiously life-affirming: live, love, savour each moment, without fear or regret – and do not miss the gem that is Translunar Paradise! Suchita Shah. Click here to read the full review.

Manchester Theatre Awards Review This could be compared to a poignant wordless poem but there are delicious flashes of humour which kept me smiling, our two characters are supremely skilled in the art of mime, the direction is outstanding and every one of the seventy minutes is utterly absorbing. Diana Stenson. Click here to read the full review

The British Theatre Guide – Regional This is a masterclass in mime from these two Le Coq trained actors. A true tour de force told with passion and moving sensitivity. I cannot recommend this production highly enough. Robin Strapp. Click here to read the full review.

Salford Online 10/10 The whole show was stunning. Paul Lemmon. Click here to read the full review.

The Big Smoke

UK Reviews:

The Observer ‘This play was excellent…’ Click here to read full review

The Scotsman * * * * – ‘Last Fringe, Theatre Ad Infinitum wowed us with its epic one-man show, Odyssey… Well they’ve done it again, this time with female actor Amy Nostbakken’ Click here to read full review

What’s On Stage * * * * * – ‘This performance left me transfixed, overwhelmed and weeping. Utterly stunning’ Click here to read full review

Edinburgh Festival Guide – * * * * ‘This is no ordinary one woman play, but a mini opera, an aria, a narrative poem performed “a cappella”’ Click here to read full review

Fringe Review * * * * – ‘Ad infinitum have become a critically acclaimed theatre company and The Big Smoke is an example of why. Completely breathtaking, beautiful and accomplished.’ Click here to read full review

Three Weeks * * * * – ‘Incredibly intense, dark, disturbing, but also beautiful…a remarkable piece of theatre’ Click here to read full review

Total Theatre Magazine – ‘I search for the words to describe it as it takes such an extraordinary form…’ Click here to read full review

Canadian Reviews:

National Post – 
“An extraordinary vehicle for portraying a mind on the edge, … Technically, the performance is a marvel; emotionally, it’s a disturbance. It closes tomorrow, and is well worth grabbing.” – To read the full review by Robert Cushman click here, you will need to scroll down to the final paragraph of the round up!

Stage Door * * * * –“Nostbakken’s performance is absolutely extraordinary… What makes the show so extraordinary is the darkness of its content and the exuberance and precision of its form. It is the story of the loss of voice in a medium that celebrates voice. For the adventurous theatre-goer, this is a must-see.” – To read the full review online click here.

Paula Citron Theatre Reviews –“A must-see for those who like their theatre new and different. An inspired musical tour-de-force. An astonishing performance.” -To read the full review click here.

Mooney on Theatre –“The show is a feat for performer Amy Nostbakken, and for director Nir Paldi. I was so wrapped up in the story … I found Nostbakken’s performance engaging the entire time.” – To read the full review online click here.



The Stage’s Must See! Show – ‘This tour de force of physical theatre is unmissable …a stunning piece of physicalised storytelling’

Click here to read full review

The Guardian – ‘Theatre Ad Infinitum have moved to the front of the pack’

Click here to read full preview

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine * * * * * – ‘Talent like this is breath taking, if you only see one show -this is it’

Click here to read full review

The Scotsman * * * * – ‘A love of storytelling, great physical movement and the power to hold an audience in the palm of his hand’

Click here to read full review

The List * * * * – ‘We listeners laugh with delight at the transformations and the quickness of our guide’

Click here to read full review

Three Weeks * * * * – ‘Masterful storytelling combined with first class physical theatre’

Click here to read full review


Edinburgh Guide * * * * * – ‘Homer’s Odyssey is a big story …the idea that this could be made into a one man show is mind-boggling. But it has, and quite remarkable it is too’

Click here to read full review

BBC – The Review Show – Odyssey is recommended by Natalie Haynes on the BBC’s ‘The Review Show’ -it’s 42mins and 50 secs into the show on BBC iPlayer

Click here to see it on BBC iPlayer

Click Liverpool – ‘It was only one hour, but one of the best hours I have ever spent in a theatre.’

Click here to read full review

British Theatre Guide – ‘This is story-telling at its most inventive; a uniquely creative production from a remarkable young company’

Click here to read full review

Bristol Evening Post- ‘Not since the brilliant Guy Masterson recreated Dylan Thomas’s entire Under Milk Wood saga single handed more than a decade ago has the Ustinov staged such an amazing one-man show as this stunning portrayal by George Mann.’

Click here to read full review

Behind the Mirror

Observer ‘Best of the Fringe’Inventive [and] promising stuff from new Lecoq-trained company, Ad Infinitum.”

British Theatre Guide * * * * * – “Mercilessly energetic, hilariously funny, fast-paced piece of Marx Brothers’ style action.”

Scotsman * * * * – “The audience find themselves at the heart of this intelligent troupe’s imagination… the energy of the performers is relentless, and nothing short of charming throughout.”

Metro * * * * – “An exhilarating piece of theatre … a company with a very promising future.”

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